PCI Boards

Tak’B3 Imaging Kit

The Tak’B3 Imaging Kit is a complete solution for lossless image compression/ decompression/ format conversion. It uses the world’s fastest JBIG/ G3/ G4 chip: the Tak’B3. It comes with a standard PCI card and Tak’B3 application software.

For more information, please refer to the Tak’B3 Imaging Kit link.

IPB SG3 Evaluation Board

The IPB SG3 Evaluation Board is a complete generic board for lossless encoding and decoding of digital still images. Implementing the Tak’Asic IPB SG3 component, this board is dedicated to the component evaluation and to any application that requires lossless data compression. The IPB SG3 evaluation board comes with a Windows NT application software.

For more information, refer to the IPB SG3 Evaluation Board link.