Tak’Asic provides a full range of products, mainly dedicated to standard-based still image compression and decompression. These products are available in different formats :

  • Integrated circuit : You are a board designer, your challenge is to use the best compression/decompression IC available on the market. Have a look to our integrated circuits page.
  • Virtual Device : You are an Asic designer and you want to achieve your “time to market” challenge. Take a look at our virtual devices page.
  • Electronic board : You are an OEM integrator, you need an easy to use electronic board to enhance your platform. You need support, API, free and portable software to interface your application with our specific board. Take a look at our electronic boards page.
  • Software evaluation : You need to evaluate the standard products we provide in terms of compression ratio, product specifications, image quality … Take a look at our software page.

Moreover, our Company offers skilled consulting and design services expertise. Tak’Asic electronic and ASIC expertise is available at the customer’s own site or through our well equipped design office in France. Take a look at our services page.